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Soapbar by innara 

Camel milk, considered as the white gold of the desert was always revered for its curative powers by the travelers and gypsies of yore. We lavish cold-pressed soaps with fresh camel milk as its creamy texture lovingly nourishes the skin and blesses it with natural immunity.


Camel milk is rich in protective proteins, Alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamins and minerals thus exhibiting anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial traits.


It is blended with pure natural ingredients like fragrant essential oils, herbs and more in exotic combinations for natural sheen or youthful skin.

Depending on skin type you can choose from our array of products: honey and oatmeal, coffee, turmeric, sandalwood and saffron.


Our bars come in 100 grams and are beautifully wrapped with re-cycled paper packaging.