Upcycle by Innara

There’s more to re-loving old furniture than picking up flea market funk or ordering grungy pieces online. Everyone and their Boho chic Aunty Sandra did that with élan in the 90s. In the era of Mary Kondo with minimalistic aesthetic colluding with functionality, we assist you indulge, with effectiveness that is. Innara calls it creative efficiency - an immersive process leading to your statement piece. 

The piece that you mull over, take a pause for.

Innara believes in up-cycling pieces as an extension of your personality. A Frieda-inspired cabinet, a chest of drawers with a touch of Van Gogh, a Goth inspired hat stand or a Victoria-esque garden bench. Yes, we celebrate you.

The ideas were there.

 To give them life, we iinitially flirted with  emulsion paints: Prime, paint and seal. It was too lengthy a process. Fed up, we even tried to try to make our own chalk paint using YouTube for guidance. Disaster.

We wanted the process and all its elements to sing the same song. At that point, there wasn’t any harmony for us.We saw no point in varnishing a herb planter that was upcycled and finish it with chemically-loaded varnish. #nopoint 

There were ideas and then there are tools. This came in the form  of paints that When Shabby meets Chic had to offer.


No fuss: check. Non-toxic: check. Nursery-and-pet-safe: check. Easy to use: check. 

Frenchic Furniture Paint very quickly became the only paint we would use.

To learn more : 

vist : https://www.whenshabbymeetschic.com

Instagram : whenshabbymeetschic 

Case study 1 - BEFORE
Frenchic Paints - Dazzle me
recycled pallet bench

recycled pallet bench

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IMG_3379 2
pink before