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ceramic reed diffuser

Ceramic Reed Diffuser - 120 ml


Introducing our Limited Edition of Ceramic candle holders and reed diffusers, all handcrafted by local artisans.

Handmade with care, it is designed to elegantly diffuser our signature scents throughout your living spaces. They make excellent gifts. Shop for this limited edition today 


100 grams soy wax candle housed in hand-pinched ceramic jar

paraben free fragrance 

cotton wick 

30 hours burn time 


100 ml ceramic hand-pinched diffuser vase 

100 ml diffuser liquid 

5 rattan reeds 


Packaging: Recycled corrugated 


  • Diffuser Care

    1. Initial Setup: Unplug the stopper from the aluminium canister and empty half the content into the ceramic vase. Immerse the reeds into the fragrant solution and allow them to soak for 15 minutes. carefully flip them to saturate the other end. this will initiate the diffusion process. 

    2. Placement: Choose an area in your home away from direct sunlight and airflow to place your reed diffuser. This will prevent oil from evaporating too quickly.

    3. Rotating the Reeds: Rotate the reeds periodically, especially when you notice the scent becoming faint.

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