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Discover Innara's sustainable candles in the UAE, featuring recycled concrete candles and eco-friendly scents made with vegan soy wax, perfect for custom candle orders in the UAE.

Moon Collection

SKU: 88197978

Our Ramadhan Collection 1  is a luxurious Gift this season . Made with recycled concrete and Eco friendly soy wax, it provides a clean and long burning flame. The beautiful selection of Region Centric scents -  will fill your home with a calming and relaxing atmosphere. This candle weighs 400 grams Enjoy the perfect combination of style and fragrance with our Ramadhan Collection.




400 grams soy wax candle 

Phthalate-free fragrance oil

Concrete reusable container 

Cotton wick 

Sustainable packaging

Burn time :65 hours 

  • Candle care instructions

    • The first burn of your candle sets the wick memory . Allow the candle to burn till the wax is melted edge to edge of the container. Going forward you may burn the candle between 1-3 hours
    •  Keep the lit candle away from the draught and from water 
    • Trim the wick to 5 mm once the candle is cold 
    • After your candle is finished burning, you can repurpose the concrete holder as a planter or container
    • This size container usually accommodates succulents very well 
  • Refill Option

    Refill options are available,bring the containers back and get your candle refilled at a nominal fee of AED 40.00. They can be collected in three working days.If shipping is required courier rates apply.  


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