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gift set

Joy Box NO 4


Gift set of 3 concrete containers housing 2 candles from our selection of customized fragrances and a succulent.

You can go floral and fresh or woody and lush.



80 grams eco soya wax in each candle 

Phthalate-free fragrance oil

Concrete reusable container 

Kraft Gift hamper box 


Burn time of - 25hours 

Clean burn and self-trimming wicks 

assorted succulents available 



  • Candle care instructions


    The first burn of your scented candle sets the burn memory . Allow at least 4 hours for this and so not extinguish flame till the wax has melted to the edge of the container 

    After the first burn - burn the candle for minimus of 1 hour but no longer then 3 hours at a time - this ensure the candle will always burn to the edge of the container and then minimizes the chance of flooding the wick. Turn the candle to even up the burn and move away from draught .

    If your scented candle starts to burn unevenly , this is most likely from a draught. 


    Trim the wick to 5 mm once the candle is cold . 

    After your candle is finished burning, you can repurpose the concrete holder as a planter or container. This size container usually accommodates succulents very well .

  • Refill option

    Refill options are available . bring the containers back and get your candle refilled at a nominal fee of AED 20 per candle .They can be collected in three working days . if shipping is required rates on actuals will apply


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