The Innara Experience


At Innara we are not just about showcasing our collection, but about helping you dabble with the artistry and making it your own. We enjoy imparting candle and soap making skills to keen learners, both amateurs and professionals. We also offer sessions in refurbishing and stylizing old furniture for those with a flair for interiors.


There’s more to re-loving old furniture than picking up flea market funk or ordering grungy pieces online. Everyone and their Boho chic Aunty Sandra did that with élan in the 90s. In the era of Mary Kondo with minimalistic aesthetic colluding with functionality, we assist you indulge, with effectiveness that is. Innara calls it creative efficiency - an immersive process leading to your statement piece. 

The piece that you mull over, take a pause for.

Innara believes in up-cycling pieces as an extension of your personality. A Frieda-inspired cabinet, a chest of drawers with a touch of Van Gogh, a Goth inspired hat stand or a Victoria-esque garden bench. Yes, we celebrate you.