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Sustainable Candles
Made in UAE 

Why Innara 

For the Eco friendly Zero Lifestyle

We choose paraffin-free, non- petroleum materials like soy wax and organic wicks.

Soy wax creates no residue or soot and is relatively child-safe as it has lower risks to burns and spills.

These candles have a longer shelf life as they burn slower, enveloping the surrounding with a warm aroma.

recycled concrete candle

Made with Recycled Paper

Soy & Vegan Wax

Handmade paper

Made with Recycled concrete, sand  & gravel

Cotton wick

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waste to worth

At Innara, we are on a mission to redefine sustainability by creating products that are not only eco-friendly but also beautifully handcrafted.

Our concrete containers for candles are a perfect example of "Waste to Worth" ethos  – using construction waste to create a premium quality product that's in line with international brands. 


We're also passionate about celebrating UAE's rich culture and traditions, which is why we're proud to offer region-centric scents that capture the essence of the heritage. 

 We constantly striving to find innovative ways to make our products more sustainable. From recycling paper and creating our own seed tags to using BPA-free plastic reusable bottles we aim to inspire people to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle by making products that are both functional and environmentally friendly, and our collaboration with like-minded businesses helps us achieve that goal.


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Tel. +971528707758

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2 Street 18A - Al Quoz  
Al Quoz 4

United Arab Emirates 


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