Best Handmade Candles in Dubai

Why Innara?

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For the Eco-friendly Zero waste lifestyle 

We choose paraffin-free, non- petroleum materials like soy wax and organic wicks.

Soy wax creates no residue or soot and is relatively child-safe as it has lower risks to burns and spills.

These candles have a longer shelf life as they burn slower, enveloping the surrounding with a warm aroma.

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Recycle & Eco-friendly packaging

Soy & Vegan Wax

Handmade paper

Made with Recycled concrete, sand  & gravel

Cotton wick

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Get  Started  with Innara  Journey.....

2020… the earth says the times they’re a changing’. 

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Does this mean we should slow down? We’ve always nursed this thought somewhere.

There’s always that niggle while grabbing the double espresso, simultaneously paying one of the gazillion subscriptions and adding to cart a pair of sneakers that we’re unsure of.


We scamper to our fuel-guzzling SUV in dire need of servicing and honk our way to the steel and glass battlefield. We skilfully manage to find a sweet parking spot only to attend to a text avalanche. We hurriedly Google the nearest getaway and book a staycation for the weekend.

But life is not about that 48-hour escape. Think about it.

The parks where we picnicked, the lakes where we kayaked, the forests and deserts where we camped under the stars, the sidewalks where we played hopscotch without a care in the world… The things we took for granted growing up have nearly disappeared.  

They say the earth laughs in flowers. She’s been calling out to us to go back to a grounded lifestyle for a while now. Subconsciously we know that the balance must be restored. 

Innara will journey with you as you take the leap of faith to rediscover the good life. Okay, we’re not trying to sound like your hipster neighbour’s new age-y vegan vlog that’s supposedly #onpoint.

The idea is for you to simply relax. Breathe in. Breathe out.

We’ll be with you as you embrace intimate, comforting experiences – uniquely-scented hand-poured soy wax candles, wholesome organic bathing bars and thematic re-loved furniture.



Our pieces reflect a simpler time, a long forgotten memory, and a story that makes your heart fuzzy. 

We hope our labour of love illuminates your inner truth.

Our showcase this season 

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