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INNARA: The Intersection of Design , Sustainability and Community 

Welcome to Innara, a lifestyle brand where Design, Sustainability and Community converge to create a harmonious and eco-conscious experience. 

 Proudly rooted in the United Arab Emirates, we actively explore innovative ways to recycle waste and create valuable products. 

We transform construction waste into beautiful jars, repurpose pre-consumed paper into eco-friendly tags and use vegetable peels to create vivid fabric dyes.  

With Innara, you can indulge in stunning design while knowing your choice aligns with your values. 

We are not just about creating products.

We also aim to engage with our community and inspire others to embrace sustainable living. We conduct workshops which are edutainment-based allowing us to interact and connect exchange ideas and foster a sense of community. 

Join us on a journey of innovation, responsibility and inspired living. 


Recycled raw materials sourced locally 

Phthalate free scents Vegan Soy wax 

Customisation for Bulk orders 

Licensed Professionals

Made in UAE 

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